Event Planner Colorado

Office parties are a must for the modern-day business. Let’s face it, people who like to work hard, also like to play hard, and an office party is the perfect environment for people to let loose a little. Office parties also give you a chance to celebrate success, grow closer as a team and show appreciation. The only problem is that innocent fun can quickly turn into liabilities for your business. That is why our talented event planner in Colorado has come up with the following list of tips for a fun, liability-free office party:

  • Limit alcohol- An open bar can be a recipe for disaster, but it doesn’t always look great to make your employees pay for their own alcohol. A great alternative is to use a ticket system. Give everyone two or three drink tickets, and limit the options to either wine or beer. 
  • Invite spouses and significant others- In most cases, people will behave much better when they have their spouse or significant other with them.
  • Arrange for safe rides- If you are serving alcohol at your event, your employees need a safe way to get home! A few great ideas to solve this problem include offering to reimburse for taxis, hiring a car to take people home and selecting designated drivers beforehand.
  • Respond to situations immediately- No matter how well you plan, sometimes things just happen. If something does happen at your party, ensure that you respond immediately according to your HR policies. Respond as if you were in the office instead of at a party.