Caldera Event Group

About Us

Caldera Event Group, LLC is made up of a wide network of experienced event professionals who plan, design and execute events on behalf of its clients as well as consult on same with the end goal of bringing social, corporate and charitable events to the proverbial next level.

We like animals, the environment, a solid belly laugh, living at 5280 feet above sea level, long walks on the beach and the fact that there are five microbreweries within a mile of our offices.

OUR MOTTO: Life is too short to do crappy events & ALWAYS TOP YOUR LAST EVENT!!!

Having produced and worked on over three thousand events in fourteen states in hundreds of cities since 1997, we have honed our event skill set. Let us share this with you. Our job is to make your event and the entire process the best it can possibly be.

Every event has its own unique message and set of objectives. A professional event plan organizes the important aspects of the special event.

When it comes to Caldera Event Group (CEG) there are simply no limits to what we can offer. If you can dream it, we can create it.

Caldera Event Group offers a full line of special event lighting services, stage lighting as well as full production services. Nothing is more effective than proper lighting.